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Who We Are

We are a small group of friends who were all born, raised and lived our whole lives in and around the city of New Orleans, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We got started offering tours a few months after the tragedy that was Katrina hit our beloved city. The way we looked at it was along the lines of we could show off all of the really cool stuff we know and love about the Big Easy, or we could just sit around and let visitors and tourists go without ever seeing the best NOLA has to offer.

While our ultimate decision seems like a no-brainer now, the truth of the matter is that we were scared out of our minds on whether or not the business would pick up for us or if we would just wither away in a festering pit of shared loan debt. Luckily, word of mouth traveled fast about our services and we even see a ton of locals come along with us, with them usually mentioning that they have a friend who couldn’t have recommended one of our trips more.

And, for those of you who might be part of the group of people who are out there spreading these great insights about Vertiacal Response, we couldn’t thank you more for what you’ve done so far.


What The Future Holds

We currently have two very specific tours in the planning stages that we believe will end up becoming some of our most popular selections. That being the case, we are putting a huge amount of time and effort putting them together. But, unlike other companies who try to keep anything new they’re releasing a big, shady secret, we’ll be glad to share with you what are plans are right here:

The first tour is going to be called the “Who Dat Takin’ a Tour?” As the name obviously implies (at least for those who would be interested in the tour at all), this one will take our guests to a New Orleans Saints game and the traveling tour will include a number of stops where the Who Dat nation is in full effect. The problem that we are facing regarding this tour, and why it’s taking a while to get it implemented, is that there are only a handful of games here in New Orleans every year and the fact that games will sometimes be played pretty late at night. We’re optimistic we’ll figure it out, though, and soon!

The second planned tour doesn’t have a name yet, but it is going to focus on families and offering up a handful of great memories for everyone. The stops on this trip are going to include hands-on science centers, a couple ride attractions and more. Don’t worry though, we wouldn’t dare make it cheesy – we actually love┬áto enjoy ourselves on the tours as well!