Lake Catherine

Lake Catherine In East New Orleans

Lake Catherine, the colloquial name for Lake St. Catherine is a shallow lake in the eastern Orleans parish by New Orleans about 4 miles long and 2 miles wide, which is well known in the area for its excellent fishing and recreational attributes.

bayouThe lake actually is situated right in the middle between Lake Borgne and Lake Pontchartrain and is enclosed almost entirely by solid marsh on all sides. It is a haven for fishing, with redfish being one of the staple catches, as they will move in schools and if you find a school of reds, you’ll probably catch your limit in a hurry.

Other fish that are found in the lake include catfish, bream, crappie, speckled trout, and flounder.

There is a spit of land that lies between Lake Catherine and Lake Pontchartrain, which is called the New Orleans East Land Bridge, and it has had a population since around the 1920’s. You will find several taverns, marinas, restaurants, docking areas and boating yards. The spit of land and it’s neighborhood of houses is also called Lake Catherine, and it has a zip code.

The population of this area runs around 750 people, but on Labor Day the population swells to up to two to three thousand souls, all celebrating one of the last days before winter. There is lots of fishing and outdoor cooking going on with people getting together to enjoy the festivities.

The residential and business areas on this Land Bridge all border Highway 90 that runs through New Orleans East area, to the south of the populated portion of the land.

If you are a tourist it would pay you great dividends to pay a visit to the area and sample what might well be the best New Orleans food that exists. Some of the crab shacks and restaurants have the best menus in the south.

The Castnet Seafood Shop will always have a fresh catch of the day, with your choice of fresh boiled shrimp, oysters by the sack, or freshly shucked, lots of crawfish recipes, and po-boy sandwiches. You will also want to give Walker’s Southern Style Bar B Q a try too.

Interstate 10 runs right through Lake Catherine with Lake St. Catherine on one side and Lake Ponchartrain on the the other. There are several major hotel chains in the area to for your overnight visitors, among which are La Quinta, Super 8, Best Western Avalon Hotel & Conference Center and Motel 6.

The area has recovered slowly, but steadily from hurricane Katrina where two lives were lost, and more probably would have been, had evacuation not occurred. The area boasts about its Vietnamese population where some of the finest Vietnamese food in America is served. The Famous Dong Phuong Restaurant and Bakery is here and is well known throughout the area.

A word of note too is that is it not possible to really get around the area without a car, and you should fill up if you are planning to travel east towards Biloxi, as there are few gas stations.

If you love to fish and love to eat good New Orleans food, you will really enjoy the Lake Catherine area.