Village de L’Est Tours

East New Orleans Village L’Est Tours

The Vietnamese community in New Orleans may not be well known outside of the city, but it is a vibrant and important part of the city. The best part is this is part of the city that is going to make it easy for people to immerse themselves in a part of the newer culture in New Orleans. This is when people should know about some of the tours that are available of the L’Est region in New Orleans. By knowing about these tours, it will be easy for people to go out and explore the region, rather than being stuck in the hotel.

train-557462_1280Farmers market tour is a great one for people to take. The cost of this is usually free and can be self guided if people want to do that. However, the farmers market is one of those areas that people seem to go as a social outing and be able to pick up the food at the same time. Taking a tour of the farmers market allows people to learn about the local foods that are grown, see the people, and even explore the cuisine the foods are going to be used to make.

Cane Bayou self guided tour is another one that people will enjoy. With this tour, people are going to be self guiding themselves around the bayou and canals of New Orleans. However, this allows people to get back out into the water and enjoy the trip even more than what they think. People will avoid the crowds that are present in the region, get to take the canoes out in the water and even explore the historical sites that are not generally found when people are sticking to the land they miss out on so much in this beautiful city. So the bayou tour will allow people to see more than the average person.

Self guided tours are another feature people will enjoy with this region as well. When people are looking at these tours, they will want to try to find a local tour guide. The local tour guides will help them in getting to enjoy the trip they are taking, but also know they are going to be able to enjoy their trip quite a bit more than what they thought. All people have to do is specify what they want to see and know they are getting the best trip possible.

As many people have found out, touring around New Orleans is a great way to see the culture and the community. However, what people do not realize is New Orleans is not all Cajun and Creole. In fact, in the L’Est region people will have a chance to tour the region and become immersed in the Vietnamese culture that is present in the region. When people do this, it will be easy for them to have a great trip and enjoy themselves even more than what they imagined with a quick tour to New Orleans.