History Tours


Historical Tours Of The French Quarter

When visiting New Orleans, one of the places filled with the most history is the French Quarter. From the living to the dead, everyone and everything within this quarter of the city has a story to tell and a history to reveal. This is why it is such a popular place for education tours at all different times of the year.

One of the most common types of tours are the ghost tours. In this tours you will walk the streets of the French Quarter learning about the residents who have gone before. The history of the streets, the people who roamed them, their manners of death, and the ways that they continue to communicate with the world as a whole. On these tours, you can tell that the city itself teems with both the living and those who have passed on before.

Through these tours, you can experience raw history in a way that is almost impossible anywhere else. Because their history and traditions have been kept and passed down, you can learn about the men, women, and children who helped shape the city. everything from their homes to their final resting places can be covered within these tours.

Within the French Quarter lays the shores of the Mississippi River. Often referred to as the birthplace of NOLA, tours are available to explain every settlement that has ever happened in the area. From early Native American settlement to the old echos of war, this body of water holds the key to the rest of the city.

No tour is complete without going to the famous French Market. here you can see the old and the combine and see traditional artisans pedal their wares the same way their ancestors did before. learn about the history of the market, how markets have shifted, and the future of the markets as well.

No tour of this quarter is complete without learning about creole culture. From traditional homes to places of worship, the French quarter holds the birthplace of modern Cajun culture, food, and language. Through a tour, you can experience the magic of this birth as see important landmarks, preserved as they always have been.

Further along, you can learn about the unique slavery models that thrived within the old streets of NOLA. Learn about the Creole mistresses that once languished within grand manors, and the systems that governed everyday relations.

Other attractions from pirate fights to literary zones of inspiration wait for you to uncover their history. A day in the life of Faulkner, the last words of dying duelers, and hidden cultural gems are all waiting to be found within the seemingly calm streets of this beautiful region.

So, book a history tour, choose something that truly interests you, and get ready to be transported to the past. With interactive tours, knowledgeable historians, and a city that still honors the history it has created. You can be sure you will remember this experience for the rest of your life.