Mardi Gras Tours

New OrleansĀ Mardi Gras Tours

mardi-gras-maskWhen it comes to visiting Louisiana, the thing that most people think of is Mardi Gras. It makes sense then, that New Orleans offers tours for this amazing cultural experience. From the beginning of the celebration to the end, touring the city, learning the history, enjoying the best drinks and food, and tasting true southern hospitality are all available within these tours.

Popular activities on these tours include making your own Mardi Gras mask. These masks help you join into the fun, anonymity, and freeing nature of the celebrations. They also make great souvenirs to remind you of your time within the great city. Each mask can be made completely personal so you can express your greatest desires easily.

These tours will take you behind the scenes of Mardi Gras. Learn how the floats are made, what they symbolize, and why the first one was created. You may even get to try your hand at making a mine float, helping decorate bit that goes onto a float, or watch the frame be constructed for one of the more famous floats. All of these experiences will offer a greater understanding of the Mardi Gras world.

The work behind the scenes of this amazing festival is what makes it truly work year after year. Instead of merely viewing the parade, tours can take you behind the scenes. You can understand how much work goes into each and every float, group, or band entry. See how the people of NOLA prepare for this wondrous event year after year.

Sampling each of the amazing creole foods found within the city. From the etouffee to the pistolettes, the food is full of amazing cuisine to eat, smell, and admire. Much of the food is based around the waters that surround much of the city.

These tours can include time spent on the riverboats that go around the city and surrounding area. Wondrous events taking place on these old style boats allow for the Mardi Gras experience to be had within the city and the surrounding area as well.

bar tours can take you through the most famous bars in each of the different districts. Learning where a member of White Zombie’s backup band used to have a bar, and drinking where Nicolas Cage once had nights out. Each and every one of these bars has a different flare for the true New Orleans experience.

Night tours of the city can offer you the best of both world. Cool temperatures, beautiful scenery, amazing nightlife, and culture all in one. When the lights go down, the fun comes out. Instead of silence, the streets are filled with jazz, blue, and the haunting possibilities of spirits around every corner. Experience all of the possibilities in the dark, while the city slumbers and the streets are alive.

Mardi Gras tours can be an exciting way to explore the city, explore the festival, and learn more about the history. From the hands on to the completely immersive, these tours will leave you wanting to come back as soon as you leave.