NOLA City Tours

above-new-orleansTours within New Orleans span so many different genres. From food tours, to the French Quarter, these is a little bit of something for everyone in this city. Each and every district is packed with tours, experiences, and new places to see.

One of the most popular tours involves going to the City of the Dead and stopping at Lafayette Cemetery. Home to tombs that inspired writers such as Anne Rice. This gem within the garden district hosts tours for those wanting to peek into the past and understand the roots of New Orleans History.

Also within the Garden district are tours that showcase famous homes belong to Anne Rice, Trent Reznor, and Sean Yseult. These historic homes are steeped with both historical and current culture. On a lucky day, one might see one of the stars leaving their homes to interact like any other resident. These tours even include the home where Jefferson Davis took his last breath.

Around the city are drop-off and pick-up locations for the famous double decker buses. With a new bus along every 30 minutes, getting around between tours is easy, cheap, and extremely convenient.

Guider tours of the city at night are available. These tours go from beautiful views of the skyline to local music and bars. Locales steeped in history, culture, and beauty are lit up at all hours of the night. Touring down the night shows why the city never sleeps.

Do You Voodoo?

Tours of cultural practices such as voodoo, Mardi Gras, and piracy showcase the past, present, and future of the city. From the port that the city once was, to the cultural hearth it still is, these tours truly give you an idea of the city and of the influence it has had on the area.

Stepping slightly outside of the city, one can experience plantation tours of grand old homes. Old era splendor is suspended within creole culture in these grand estates. Viewing these homes gives one a taste of the inspiration for so many books, movies, and parts of modern culture. Perfectly laid out as they were hundreds of years ago, these homes feel like stepping back into time.

Riverboat tours get you out of the city and onto the water. Paddlewheel steamboats take you out for a meal, and to see the true scenery of New Orleans. In a city where the water has been life’s driving force for so long, these tours showcase the amazing nature of the city and surrounding areas.

Finally, culinary tours that you to the best eateries, offer cooking classes, and even show you traditional cuisine are available. For a city that has created so many different foods, these tours give you a true taste of the south. From the po-boy to authentic gumbo, these tours just simply have to be tasted.

Within the city and surrounding area, the options for tours are nearly endless. Each and every person can experience New Orleans in a truly unique and meaningful way.