Carrollton Area Tours

The Best New Orleans City Tours in the Carrollton Area

french-quarter-557461_1280There is a lot to love about the city of New Orleans and as much as we like the Arlo Guthrie song, the real city has even more to offer! Almost everybody knows about the famous French Quarter, and the city doesn’t even need to do any advertising to get visitors from around the world when Mardi Gras rolls around. However, reducing The Big Easy to one single celebration and one small area of the city, as unique and amazing as it is, just doesn’t do justice to all the amazing things we can show you in this incredibly unique American city.

Why Not Check Out Historic Carrollton?
Our experienced and excited tour guides absolutely love the experience of showing you a part of their home city that you may have never heard of. If you’re going to be spending some time in New Orleans why not check out historic Carrollton?

Carrollton is the northernmost ward away from the French Quarter, but he will feel right at home on Maple Street were wide variety of local restaurants, coffee houses, jazz bars, and upscale shops provide plenty to see and do. There is also the lovely Palmer Park which is often home to a wide range of music festivals each year and we may even be able to fit in a plantation tour or two so you can see some of the old South still alive.

You can also take the streetcar through Carrollton to the famous neighborhood known as The Riverbend. This is a place where you can also see a wide variety of Victorian style houses, specialty shops, and every other block has a hole in the wall Cajun restaurant or corner bar that is just a gem of a find for a traveler.

If you are lucky enough to be visiting our fair city in November and happen to be around during the famous Po-Boy Festival then you are definitely in for a treat! During this festival vendors lineup on Oak Street offering the best in amazing Po-Boy sandwiches, other local Cajun food, and plenty of free live music to celebrate.

Those of you who love history and culture can still catch a show at the Anthony Bean Community Theater. Out tours can include seeing the arts market, which is held the last Saturday of every month at Palmer Park and let you see what our independent vendors and artisans can do.

Finally, our walking towards of Carrollton wouldn’t be complete without seeing the old Carrollton City Hall, a neoclassical building that serves as a school, the amazing Victorian architecture of several neighborhoods, and of course the home of John Kennedy Toole, the Pulitzer prize-winning author of “A Confederacy of Dunces.”

You love literally dozens of choices when it comes to where to eat, where to drink, or where to listen to music. With the amazing array of sights and sounds that Carrollton has to offer, there is no doubt about tour guides can show you an amazing time in our fair city and in that fine neighborhood!