Garden District Tours

New Orleans Louisiana City Garden District Tours

mardi-gras-554378_1280When it comes to New Orleans, there is little more famous than the Garden District. Taking a tour in this little slice of the past, present, and future can feel like a vacation within itself. A wondrous variety of tours are available that will tickle the fancy of even the most picky vacation goer.

One of the most commonly requested tours involves the Lafayette Cemetery. Within this amazing and spooky graveyard, are the remains of the cities oldest residents. From voodo practitioners to the inspirations for various books, the permanent residents of this ceremony continue telling their stories even in death. Elaborate tombs and hundreds of years of architecture make this a particularly interesting stop.

Next on the list is the homes of the famous. From Nicolas Cage to Anne Rice, many famous people have lived within the Garden District. These homes are able to be viewed from the outside, and skilled tour guides can impart knowledge of the stars as well. On a lucky day, one of stars might step out into the sun for a day in the city.

For those who love the nightlife, bar tours are available to showcase some of the most famous night destinations within the city. In a place that rarely sleeps, these tours can be enjoyable and a great way to unwind and still appreciate the history of the city. Often these stops will include live entertainment, blues music, and smooth jazz.

Int he early morning, watching the contrast between Creole and American architecture within the American section of the district. Here design elements contrast, blend, and emerge in a variance of styles that simple has to be seen. Houses from hundreds of years ago stand proud and ready to tell their stories.

Every trip the Garden District must include a stop at the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line. This streetcar held the record for the longest non-interrupted streetcar until the arrival of Hurricane Katrina. Even now, the streetcar and the route can be seen and appreciated. This true piece of American history offers a glimpse at the true past.

Culinary tours within the district offer glimpses of period architecture combined with classic Creole food. From crayfish to shrimp, NOLA is famous for food, and the Garden District is no exception. Wonderful dishes prepared by celebrity chefs will tickle the taste buds. Hidden gems found in tiny eateries will leave you begging for more.

Throughout any tour, elegant mansions, beautiful gates, and stores of spirits long gone are available. Each home has a story to tell, each street is brimming with memories, and each corner has the potential for a spirit to be lingering. Tragedy and romance go hand and hand with beauty in this amazing district.

With tours that focus in each sector of the district, one could spend a whole week just exploring this district. Each day filled with new stories, hidden legends, and a glimpse into the past. Choosing to tour will open all of this and more up for travelers, friends, and family alike.