Lakeview Tours

Seeing the Best of Our City: Lakeview Tours

new orleans skylineWe love showing visitors the best that our city has to offer, especially exploring areas you might not know as much about. While everyone has heard of the French Quarter, we offer tours to every neighborhood in The Big Easy, from plantation tours to walking tours and even cemetery and specialty tours for those visitors who know what they love and want to see the absolute best that our city has to offer.

If you’ve never been through the Lakeview part of town, trust our experienced tour guides to show you the best that this stunning neighborhood has to offer. From enjoying the beautiful lakeside views of Lake Pontchartrain to the deeply unique cottage style architecture of many of the homes, there’s plenty of eye candy to enjoy in this affluent section of New Orleans.

Are you looking for an evening out on the water to see the sunset over the lake? Maybe enjoy a day at the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park? While this neighborhood was one of the most devastated during Hurricane Katrina, it has fought its way back and there are now a wide variety of of sites worth visiting and many different ways to enjoy some of the best that the city of New Orleans has to offer.

The Rebuilt lakefront shows you the ill of our city and embraces the rebirth as you hear music from the bars, can join in a languid lazy day at an outdoor cafe, or see what the newest seafood specials are at your new favorite spot. Our guided tours can help you find whatever it is that makes a good vacation in your mind and turns it into a truly great one.

Whatever flavor hits your palette right, we will help you find it and enjoy it in our fair city. The Longue Vue House and Gardens are a favorite among many of our visitors, as well as the Besthoff Sculpture Garden or the city Botanical Gardens. The Lakeview neighborhood is absolutely filed with life, and the large combination of parks and other outdoor spaces allow for a casual day sauntering through a dozen picture worthy locations.

What is it about New Orleans that captures your imagination? Whether it’s the authentic Cajun cooking, enjoying the sound of live blues and jazz coming out from music bars, or hitting up one of the artistic districts in the neighborhood, we will help you find the perfect walking tour, guided tour, or any other guided trips through NOLA’s Lakeview neighborhood.

When it comes to seeing the best that the city has to offer, you need experienced guides who know the ins and outs of the local area and can help you find those special little places that often end up being the gem of your experience.

You can count on our tour guides to share in the exuberance and excitement of really tapping into that unique energy that only comes from the city of New Orleans to make your trip unforgettable.