Embracing NOLA City Mid-City Tours!

new-orleans-221475_1280One thing that surprises many visitors when they first step foot into New Orleans is just how diverse the varying neighborhoods are in the city. In many ways, you could argue that New Orleans is a city of neighborhoods not just in the sense of maps, but there’s a specific culture, a certain feel, just a different vibe that comes from each and every one of the neighborhoods that make up our great city. We want to show you the best that our city has to offer you and introduce you to the wonderful Southern hospitality while touring Mid-City.

If you’re a traveler who likes to get a sense of the place you’re staying at, and abhors the idea of your boring, conventional, cookie-cutter hotel setups then Mid-City is a great place not only to tour, but to stay. There are an enormous number of wonderful bed and breakfast setups in many of the grand old Mid-city homes. Two of the most well-known include the Canal Street Inn, and the 1896 O’Malley house.

One thing that will hit you instantly is just how friendly many of the locals in this section of the city are. Our walking tours through this part of the city are a favorite among our clients as well as our tour guides. Art lovers will love the variety of street art and little shops in this part of town including the famous Creative Glass, and a wide variety of in park organic farming keeps the city close to its roots.

In addition to this, if you came to New Orleans hoping for one of the graveyard walking tours through one of our famed cities of the dead, then there’s a good chance you will be going through Mid-City. Some of the largest and most ornate cemeteries in all of the city can be found right here and while you may know about the importance of Canal Street, there’s just something about touring it in the middle of Mid-City that just really brings home the way it connects the neighborhoods in the city together.

If you’re looking for the conventional tourist trap the New Orleans is probably the wrong city to begin with, but even among our unique neighborhoods with their wonderful original flair, you will find that Mid-City stands out as being especially unique since they get less tourist traffic than most of the rest of the city, but also allows for unique New Orleans attitude to seep through every single neighborhood establishment.

Our tours can take you through this part of town in the morning or the evening, and if you’re looking for good jazz music or a heavy dose of local culture and local flavor, then boy do we have the right to tour packages for you!

Whether you’re looking to just pass through before hitting the French Quarter, or you really want to get to the heart and soul of such a unique American city, we have options that will meet your every need and leave you feeling completely satisfied.